I need YOU! And here’s why…

Because I tried – I really did! – to get some big companies to donate some small things for the Amani Children’s Home.  I might have been naive to think that companies that build their brand on their Corporate Social Responsibility programs might see an opportunity in my small project and donate a few much-needed items for homeless children in Tanzania.

And I have spent hours writing emails to these companies, explaining that I will climb Kili for the cause, that I am entirely self-funded. I have given all the information I possibly could about Amani and the wonderful work they’re doing for the street children in Moshi; and how a few boxes of crayons might go a long way in making a child there happy.  Because, I stupidly thought, it would be so easy (and cheap!) for a company like Crayola to donate a few crayons or coloring books.  Or for Boots to donate a few thermometers…

But it turns out that the grand CSR programs these companies pride themselves with are nothing more than 3rd party clearance houses.  They donate their extra stock to other companies who distribute them (for a fee!) to the same charities, over and over again.  In other words, they delegate their Corporate Social Responsibility.  So no surprise, then, that all I got in response was a polite (and a few not-so-polite) NOs.

Here are some of the companies I have contacted:  Crayola, Melissa&Doug, Boots, Superdrug, SportsDirect – and the list goes on and on.

The only company that responded positively was British Airways, who is allowing me 2 extra check-in bags for the donations.  The problem is that I need more donations…

So I am counting on the kindness of people – friends, family and strangers – who might like to pitch in a few simple items for me to take over to the Amani Children’s Home.  I have made an Amazon wishlist based on their list of needs, which you can access here:


TODAY (July 8th) is the last day you could order something off the list in order for the delivery to reach me in time before I leave.

So if you have the Monday blues, please consider doing a random act of kindness by pitching in a few items – it might just chase those blues away! 🙂

So far, I have quite a few medical supplies – including a blood glucose monitoring kit that a couple of friends donated!  Some school supplies might help.  Also, a few basket or volleyballs, to keep these kids off the streets.

In short, anything off the list would be enormously appreciated 🙂



4 thoughts on “I need YOU! And here’s why…

  1. Sent you some Germaline a couple of weeks back – did it arrive ok? (I’ve never sent anyone Germaline in the post before – it was very exciting)! What a disappointing reply from the big companies…

      • Oh! I didn’t realise Amazon sent anonymously, otherwise I would have dropped you a quick note, just so you knew. Have you been looking strangely at all your friends I wonder, trying to work out if they were the mystery Germaline donor?!?!? Sniffing them to see if they smelt of the stuff which would be the give-away clue?

        So I had better mention that following your most recent appeal this morning, there is a mystery basketball on its way to you. A strange thing to carry half way across the world, I thought, but I figured if British Airways are decent enough to offer you the extra hold space, you’d better try and fill it!

        Good luck with your challenge! I will look forward to reading all about it!

      • Yes, it’s a pity that I don’t really get to see who sends stuff unless people contact me privately to tell me what they got – I just get the Amazon delivery as I would if I purchased it; no name. I was actually asking colleagues at work if they got me Germalene – an odd question @9am on a Thrs morning:)

        I am so happy about the basketball! I was going to wait and see what people would contribute and then I was actually going to buy a couple. Because as essential and important as medical supplies are, they don’t exactly make a 6-year old’s eye’s sparkle. (I remember when I would get clothes for X-mas – essential, but no fun:) So anyway, someone else followed your example and now I am waiting for not one, but THREE basketballs in the mail. I am convinced this will have the kids over the moon with joy – basketball is a great activity for the long summer break!
        I am both anxious and excited about what lies ahead… and will sure try to keep you posted as much as I can 🙂

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